Daniel Amos - ¡Alarma!


¡Alarma! is the fourth studio album by Daniel Amos. It was released in 1981 by Refuge Records. ¡Alarma! is the first album in the four-album series called The ¡Alarma! Chronicles.


  1. Central Theme
  2. ¡Alarma!
  3. Big Time/Big Deal
  4. Props
  5. My Room
  6. Faces To The Window
  7. Cloak And Dagger
  8. Colored By
  9. Cloak And Dagger (Reprise)
  10. Through The Speakers
  11. Hit Them
  12. Baby Game
  13. Shedding The Mortal Coil
  14. Endless Summer
  15. Walls Of Doubt
  16. Ghost Of The Heart

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