All The World's A Stage is the first live album by the Canadian progressive rock band Rush. It was recorded during their 2112 tour and contains songs from their first four albums. It was released on September 29, 1976.

Track ListingEdit

1. Bastille Day
2. Anthem
3. Fly By Night/In The Mood
4. Something For Nothing
5. Lakeside Park
6. 2112
  • I. Overture
  • II. The Temples of Syrinx
  • III. Presentation
  • IV. Soliloquy
  • V. Grand Finale
7. By-Tor and the Snow Dog
  • I. At the Tobes of Hades
  • II. Across the Styx
  • III. Of the Battle
    • a. Challenge and Defense
    • b. 7/4 War Furor
    • c. Aftermath
    • d. Hymn of Triumph
  • IV. Epilogue
8. In the End
9. Working Man/Finding my Way
10. What You're Doing


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