Arrival is the fouth albu
m recorded by the Swedish pop group ABBA. Other famous songs that were release from the Arrival album were Dancing Queen and Fernando.


Auguest 4-5 - First recording sessions for 'Dancing Queen' and 'Fernando'.

September - Single release: Mamma Mia/Internezzo NO.1.

September 21 - Start of a promotional trip to Italy and France.

November 1 - Start of a promotional trip to the United States.

November 17 - LP release: Greatest Hits.

February 2 - Filming of "Dancing Queen' promo clip.

February 3 - Filming of 'Fernando' promo clip.

March - Single release: Fernando/Hey, Hey Helen.

March 4 - Start of a promotional trip to Australia. During the visit, ABBA taped a televions special entitled: The Best of ABBA (A.K.A. ABBA in Australia, which was watched by more people than the 1696 moon landing.

March 23 - For recording session for Arrival. 'Dancing Queen', recorded in 1975, is also included on the album.

June 18 - On the eve of the wedding between Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf and Sommerlath, ABBA performed 'Dancing Queen' at a television gala held at The Royal Swedish opera house in Stockholm, Sweden.

August - Filming commences for the Swedish television special Abba-dabba-dooo!! (A.K.A. ABBA from the Beginning).

Auguest 16 - Single release: Dancing Queen/That's Me.

Mid-September - Recording sessions for Arrival concludes.

September - Filming of 'Money, Money, Money promo clip.

October 7 - Start of a promotional trip to Poland, including the making of a television special broadcast as part of the programme Studio 2.

October 10 - Start of a promotional trip to the United States.

October 11 - LP release: Arrival.

November 1 - Single release: Money, Money, Money/Crazy World.

November 15 - Start of a promotional trip to Great Britian, The Netherlands, and France.


1. "When I Kissed The Teacher"

2. "Dancing Queen"

3. "My Love, My Life"

4. "Dum Dum Diddle"

5. "Knowing Me, Knowing You"

6. "Money, Money, Money"

7. "That's Me"

8. "Why Did It Have To Be Me"

9. "Tiger"

10. "Arrival"

Bonus TracksEdit

11. "Fernando"

12. "Happy Hawaii"

13. "La Reina Del Baile" (Spanish Version of Dancing Queen)

14. "Conociendome, Conociendome" (Spanish Version of Knowing Me, Knowing You)*

15. "Fernando" (Spanish Version)

  • Note: when this track was first released in 1980, the Spanish version was called 'Reina Danzante'.
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