August Burns Red is a Christian Metalcore band from

August Burns Red

Lancaster, Pennsilvania. They were found in 2003. August Burns Red is a well-known band in the Metalcorescene because of their heavy breakdowns and complex riffs.

In 2004 they were signed to Cl Records and the EP Looks Fragile After All was published. In 2005 they were signed to Solid State Records and in November of the same year they released their first LP, Thrill Seekers.

The second album Messengers was released in 2007. It got the first place in the US-Christian-Album-Charts and was selled 75,000 times.

On July 14, 2009 the album Constellations was released. Two weeks later the music video to "Meddler" had its premiere on their myspace. After that the band released their first Live Concert DVD "Home".

Their current album Leveler was released on June 21, 2011.


Looks Fragile After All (2004)
Thrill Seekers (2005)
Messengers (2007)
Constellations (2009)
Leveler (2011)


  • Jake Luhrs (Vocals)
  • JB Brubaker (Lead guitar)
  • Brent Rambler (Rythm guitar)
  • Dustin Davidson (E-Bass)
  • Matt Greiner (Drums)
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