180px-Rush - Caress Of Steel

Caress Of Steel

Caress Of Steel is the third studio album by progressive rock band Rush. It was released in 1976.


  1. Bastille Day
  2. I Think I'm Going Bald
  3. Lakeside Park
  4. The Necromancer
    1. I. Into The Darkness
    2. II. Under The Shadow
    3. III. Return Of The Prince
  5. The Fountain Of Lamneth
    1. I. In The Valley
    2. II. Didacts And Narpets
    3. III. No One At The Bridge
    4. IV. Panacea
    5. V. Bacchus Plateau
    6. VI. The Fountain


  • Geddy Lee - Bass, Lead Vocals
  • Alex Lifeson - Six and twelve string electric and acoustic guitars, Steel Guitar, Classical Guitar
  • Neil Peart - Percussion

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