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Dolorosa is an album by Bill Mallonee. It was released in 2013. It has received high praise from his small cult following, and is regarded as one of his best works.


  1. Till I Knew It All By Heart (The Geography Of Fear) [6:26]
  2. (The Ghosts Beneath) The Lonesome View [4:40]
  3. Smile By Numbers [4:53]
  4. Only One Thing Ever Does [5:38]
  5. Steady Now, Steady Now, Steady Now [3:36]
  6. Dolorosa (Heartbreak On The Jukebox) [5:37]
  7. Here Comes The Flood [5:20]
  8. Rio Grande [4:52]
  9. Closer To Home [4:16]
  10. Cities Of Ruin (On Your Way Back Home) [4:38]
  11. (I Hear You're A Friend Of) The Western Wind [6:08]
  12. I Saw The End Of The Matter [5:53]
  13. Smile By Numbers (acoustic/early version) [4:39]
  14. Here Comes The Flood (alt. vocal) [5:20]
  15. Only One Thing Ever Does [5:52]
  16. (I Saw) The End Of The Matter (no master) [5:58]

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