Earth wind fire ewf
Earth, Wind & Fire
(also known as EWF) is a band that was formed in 1969 and has continued to release albums to the present. The band was formed by Maurice White, and the band has sold over 90 million albums and has recieved 20 Grammy nominations. Over time, EWF has had over 50 members in the band, although not at the same time. EWF performs many different genres including soul, R&B, disco, funk, rock, and jazz. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000.


Earth, Wind & Fire (1971)
The Need of Love (1972)
Last Days and Time (1972)
Head to the Sky (1973)
Open our Eyes (1974)
Gratitude (1975)
That's the Way of the World (1975)
Spirit (1976)
All 'N All (1977)
I Am (1979)
Faces (1980)
Raise! (1981)
Powerlight (1983)
Electric Universe (1983)
Touch the World (1987)
Heritage (1990)
Millennium (1993)
Avatar (1996)
In the Name of Love (1997)
The Promise (2003)
Illumination (2005)
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