Generation Terrorists-1-
Generation Terrorists
is the debut album by Manic Street Preachers. It was released on 10 February 1992.


  1. Slash 'n' Burn
  2. Natwest-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds
  3. Born To End
  4. Motorcycle Emptiness
  5. You Love Us
  6. Love's Sweet Exile
  7. Little Baby Nothing
  8. Repeat (Stars And Stripes)
  9. Tennessee
  10. Another Invented Disease
  11. Stay Beautiful
  12. So Dead
  13. Repeat (UK)
  14. Spectators of Suicide
  15. Damn Dog
  16. Crucifix Kiss
  17. Methadone Pretty
  18. Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll

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