Houdini is the fifth album by Melvins, released in 1993 on Atlantic Records. The album was the band's major label debut after releasing their previous albums on the independent label Boner Records.

The album features a cover of the 1974 KISS song "Goin' Blind". The songs "Hooch" and "Honey Bucket" were released as singles with accompanying music videos. "Night Goat" is a partial re-recording of a song the band had released as a single in 1992. Kurt Cobain is given co-production credit alongside the Melvins on six tracks, for guitar on the song "Sky Pup", and percussion on the song "Spread Eagle Beagle".

Though the album's liner notes list Lorax as the band's bassist, she does not appear to have played on the album at all. Says Osborne: "This album is mostly just me and Dale Crover. Either I played bass or he did on almost all of it regardless of what the credits say…".

The album's cover art features an illustration of a two-headed puppy by graphic designer Frank Kozik.


  1. "Hooch" - 2:51
  2. "Night Goat" - 4:41
  3. "Lizzy" - 4:43
  4. "Going Blind" (KISS cover) - 4:32
  5. "Honey Bucket" - 3:01
  6. "Hag Me" - 7:06
  7. "Set Me Straight" - 2:25
  8. "Sky Pup" - 3:50
  9. "Joan of Arc" - 3:36
  10. "Teet" - 2:51
  11. "Copache" - 2:07
  12. "Pearl Bomb" - 2:45
  13. "Spread Eagle Beagle" - 10:13

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