I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings
is a live album by Radiohead. It was released on 12 November 2001. Included are songs from Kid A [2000] and Amnesiac [2001], as well as the live favourite "True Love Waits", which was never released on any other official Radiohead album.


  1. The National Anthem [Vaison la Romaine, 28 May 2001]
  2. I Might Be Wrong [Oxford, 7 July 2001]
  3. Morning Bell [Oxford, 7 July 2001]
  4. Like Spinning Plates [Cleveland, 8 August 2001]
  5. Idioteque [Oxford, 7 July 2001]
  6. Everything In Its Right Place [Vaison la Romaine, 28 May 2001]
  7. Dollars And Cents [Cleveland, 8 August 2001]
  8. True Love Waits [Los Angeles, 20 August 2001]

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