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Iluminacja is the fourth studio album by the Polish rock band Big Day. It was completely recorded in the analogue system and included the Polish hit single "W dzień gorącego lata", which was written when bassist/singer Marcin Ciurapiński was 17. As usual for Big Day, there were two bonus tracks. They were "Oddalam się" and "Indy-rave". Iluminacja was produced by Tomasz Bonarowski, who also played trumpet on the tracks "W dzień gorącego lata" and "Iluminacja". The album also featured some orchestration such as strings/string synths on the title track, "Jak to jest" and "Zapach ognia" as well as harps on "Pożegnanie". The album was recorded between 1 March and 10 April 1997 and was released in September of that year.


  1. Fenomen [tab]
  2. W dzień gorącego lata [tab]
  3. Ocsid [tab]
  4. Jak to jest [tab]
  5. A ty tylko... [tab]
  6. Dzień w którym przyszła miłość [tab]
  7. Iluminacja [tab]
  8. W jego stroju [tab]
  9. Zapach ognia [tab]
  10. Królowie dnia [tab]
  11. Oddalam się (bonus track) [tab]
  12. Indy-rave (bonus track) [tab]
  13. Pożegnanie [tab]


  • W dzień gorącego lata
  • Ocsid
  • A ty tylko...


  • Anna Zalewska-Ciurapińska - vocals
  • Marcin Ciurapiński - bass guitar, acoustic guitars, keyboards. percussion, vocals
  • Damian Nowak - drums and percussion
  • Wojciech Olkowski - guitars
  • Piotr Szymański - guitars, keyboards on the track "Ocsid"
  • Tomasz Bonarowski - trumpets, keyboards [guest]

Release informationEdit

Izabelin Studio 532 428-2

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