Innuendo is the fourteenth studio album by British rock
220px-Queen Innuendo
band Queen. Released in February 1991, it was the final studio album to be released in Freddie Mercury's lifetime and is the last to be composed entirely of new material. It reached #1 on the United Kingdom album charts (two weeks) as well as in the Netherlands (four weeks), Germany (six weeks), Switzerland (eight weeks) and Italy (three weeks). The album was released in the United States one day after it was released in Britain. The album would be the first Queen album to go Gold in the US upon its release since The Works in 1984.

The album was recorded from early 1989 to late 1990. In Easter 1987, Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS, although he was keeping his illness a secret and denied countless media reports that he was seriously ill. The band and producers were aiming for a November or December release date in order to catch the crucial Christmas market, but Mercury's declining health meant that the release of the album did not take place until January 1991. Stylistically, Innuendo is in some sense a return to Queen's roots, with its harder rock sound, complex musical composition (title track), psychedelic effects ("I'm Going Slightly Mad"), and strong vocals from Mercury ranging over four octaves. Mercury died ten months after its release. Current estimates at the worldwide sales of the album stand at around 11 million copies.

The album cover was designed by Queen and Richard Gray. The booklets and single covers from the album are by Grandville, or are inspired by his illustrations. Innuendo was voted the 94th greatest album of all time in a national 2006 BBC poll.

Innuendo Tracklist:Edit

Side one
No. Title Primary song writer(s) Length
1. "Innuendo" Freddie Mercury (Music), Roger Taylor (Lyrics) 6:29
2. "I'm Going Slightly Mad" (Queen, Peter Straker) Mercury (Music, Lyrics), Peter Straker (Lyrics) 4:04
3. "Headlong" Brian May 4:31
4. "I Can't Live with You" Brian May 4:35
5. "Ride the Wild Wind" Roger Taylor 4:41
Side two
No. Title Primary song writer(s) Length
1. "All God's People" (Queen, Mike Moran) Mercury (Music, Lyrics), Moran (Music) 3:53
2. "These Are the Days of Our Lives" Taylor 3:55
3. "Delilah" Mercury 3:32
4. "Don't Try So Hard" Mercury, Deacon 3:32
5. "The Hitman" Mercury, May, John Deacon 3:43
6. "Bijou" May, Mercury 1:19
7. "The Show Must Go On" May 4:31

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