Instigator is a compilation album by Larry Norman. It was released in 2002 by Solid Rock Records.


  1. Lonely Boy
  2. Born To Be Unlucky
  3. Moses In The Wilderness
  4. Hard Luck, Bad News
  5. Walking Backwards Down The Stairs
  6. Pardon Me
  7. Soul Survivor
  8. Looking For The Footprints
  9. Baroquen Spirits
  10. I Don't Believe In Miracles
  11. Sigrid Jane
  12. I Am A Servant
  13. Nothing Really Changes
  14. Strong Love, Strange Peace
  15. Ha Ha World
  16. Forget Your Hexagram
  17. Feeling So Bad
  18. Let That Tape Keep Rolling
  19. I Think I Love You
  20. With A Love Like Yours
  21. Up In Canada
  22. Lonely By Myself
  23. Christmastime
  24. Butterfly
  25. Kulderachna

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