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Larry Norman

Larry Norman, from San Francisco, California, is the founding father of Christian rock and roll music. He started releasing albums in 1966. He was with the band People! from 1967-1968. He lived from 1947-2008.


Vox Populi
The Epic
Birthday For Shakespeare
More People Sessions
Love On Haight Street
Upon This Rock
Street Level
X Mass
Only Visiting This Planet
Also Sprach Kazoostra
One Night At Royal Albert Hall
So Long Ago The Garden
Lion's Breath
The Gospel According To Moresell Moresold
Journey To The Son
The Israel Tapes
Orphans From Eden
The MGM Sessions
In Another Land
Black And White
La Garage Du Monde
American Roots
Streams Of White Light Into Darkened Corners - Part 1
Streams Of White Light Into Darkened Corners - Part 2
Streams Of White Light Into Darkened Corners - Part 3
Sydney Opera House
Voyage Of The Vigilant
Ose Enco
Fire And Ice
Second Invasion
Live At The Mac
Roll Away The Stone...And Listen To The Rock
Howling At The Moon
The War Between The Sun And The Moon
Something New Under The Son
The Invasion Of Earth
Larry Norman And His Friends On Tour
The Destruction Of Babylon
The Edge Of Space
Chasing The Wolves
Letter Of The Law
Labor Of Love
On The Road
Sardonsal Rocks
Sudden Explosion
Before And After
The Story Of The Tune
Come As A Child
Heart To Heart
Straight And Narrow
Quiet Night
Behind The Curtain
Escape From Exile
War And Peace
Stop This Flight
Back To America
Back To America 2
Down Under (But Not Out)
Rehearsal 4 Reality
Best Of The Second Trilogy
White Blossoms From Black Roots
Home At Last
Live At Flevo
Rough Mix 1
Rough Mix 2
Rough Mix 3
Live At The Wirral
Stranded In Babylon
Children Of Sorrow
A Moment In Time
Footprints In The Sand
Omega Europa
Totally Unplugged
Sonrise Sampler
Remixing This Planet
Gathered Moments (Somewhere In This Lifetime)
Shouting In The Storm
Breathe In, Breathe Out
Copper Wires
We Wish You A Larry Christmas
The Vineyard
Rough Street Love Letter
Father Touch
In The Beginning
Blarney Stone
Sticks And Stones
The Best Of Larry Norman, Volume 1
The Best Of Larry Norman, Volume 2
Rough Diamonds, Precious Jewels
Live At The Cavern Club
Live On Tour
Rock, Scissors, Et Papier
Live At Cornerstone
Restless In Manhattan '72
Invitation Only
The Very Best Of Larry Norman, Volume 1
The Very Best Of Larry Norman, Volume 2
Road Rage
On The Prowl
The Final Concert
70 Miles From Lebanon
The Norman Invasion
Maximum Planet
Maximum Garden
Heartland Junction
Live At The Elsinore
4 Track Motorola, '66 Corolla
Siege At Elsinore
Snapshots From The '77 World Tour
Underground Manouevers
The Norman Conquest
Dust On Rust
Wounded Lion
How Then Shall We Live?
Face To Face
Pot 'O Gold
Motorola Corolla II
Sixty, The Trilogy Concert
You Are Not My People
Rebel Poet, Jukebox Balladeer, The Anthology
The Colossus Of Roads
Covert Field Report
Tactical Manouevers
Solid Rock Army
Maximum Son
Maximum Land
Digital Dutch Masters
Shake Your Rattle And Crawl
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