Daniel Amos - Live At Cornerstone

Live At Cornerstone

Live At Cornerstone is a live album by Daniel Amos. It was released by M8 Records in 2000. "Live At Cornerstone" from 2000 is a series of artists that performed at the Cornerstone Festival.


  1. Ghost Of The Heart
  2. Hell Oh (The Swirling Eddies song)
  3. Prayer Wheel
  4. I Didn't Build It For Me
  5. If You Want To
  6. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli cover)
  7. Tracking The Amorous Man
  8. ¡Alarma!
  9. Grace Is The Smell Of Rain
  10. The Glory Road
  11. Virgin Falls
  12. Walls Of Doubt
  13. Broken Ladders To Glory
  14. Zoom Daddy (The Swirling Eddies song)
  15. The Twist (The Swirling Eddies song)
  16. Coco The Talking Guitar (The Swirling Eddies song)
  17. Safety Net
  18. Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party (The Swirling Eddies song)
  19. Theo's Logic
  20. Big, Warm, Sweet Interior Glowing
  21. Big Guns (The Swirling Eddies song)
  22. I'll Get Over It
  23. Sanctuary
  24. I Love You #19
  25. Shape Of Air
  26. Through The Speakers

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