Glass Hammer - Live At Nearfest

Live At NEARfest

Live At Nearfest is a live album by Glass Hammer. It was released in 2004 by Arion Records. It contains one Kansas cover, Portrait (He Knew) featuring Rich Williams of Kansas.


  1. Greetings Ladies And Gentlemen
  2. Chronotheme
  3. Tales Of Great Wars
  4. One King
  5. Further Up And Further In
  6. Cowboys And Mendians
  7. A Cup Of Trembling
  8. Portrait (He Knew)
  9. Chronos Deliverer
  10. When We Were Young
  11. Heaven


  • Fred Schendel - Vocals, Keyboards, Lap Steel Guitar
  • Steve Babb - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Bass Pedals
  • Susie Bogdanowicz - Vocals
  • Matt Mendians - Drums
  • Walter Moore - Guitars
  • Eric Parker - Acoustic Guitars, Bass
  • Flo Paris - Vocals
  • Bethany Warren - Vocals

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