Mr. Buechner's Dream

Mr. Buechner's Dream is an album by Daniel Amos. It was released in 2001.


  1. This Is The One
  2. Mr. Buechner's Dream
  3. The Author Of The Story
  4. Your Long Year
  5. Who's Who Here
  6. Thick Skin
  7. Ribbons And Bows
  8. Ordinary Extraordinary Day
  9. I Get To Wondering
  10. Faithful Street
  11. The Lucky Ones
  12. Rice Paper Wings
  13. The Tale You Told
  14. Meanwhile
  15. Over Her Shoulder
  16. The Staggering Gods
  17. A Little Grace
  18. My Beautiful Martyr
  19. Mr. Buechner Wakes Up
  20. Joel
  21. Pretty Little Lies
  22. Child On A Leash
  23. Small Great Things
  24. Easy For You
  25. Maybe All I Need
  26. Pregnant Pause
  27. She's A Hard Drink
  28. So Far So Good
  29. Flash In Your Eyes
  30. Nobody Will
  31. Fingertips
  32. Steal Away
  33. And So It Goes

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