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My Fruit Psychobells...A Seed Combustible
is the first album by avant-garde metal band maudlin of the Well. It was released in 1999.


  1. Ferocious Weights [7:35]
  2. A Conception Pathetic [7:03]
  3. Undine and Underwater Flowers [8:47]
  4. The Ocean, the Kingdom, and the Temptation [11:22]
  5. Pondering a Wall [6:21]
  6. Catharsis of Sea-Sleep and Dreaming Shrines [9:33]
  7. Blight of River-Systems [5:50]
  8. Outro [2:00]
  9. Beauty re-release bonus track [8:38]
  10. The Crystal Margin re-release bonus track [3:23]

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