220px-Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre 1994

Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre

Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre is an album by Current 93. It was released in 1994 by Durtro Records.


  1. A Voice From Catland
  2. Steven And I In The Field Of Stars
  3. The Teeth Of The Winds Of The Sea
  4. Moonlight, You Will Say
  5. Into The Bloody Hole I Go
  6. The Darkly Splendid World
  7. The Cloud Of Unknowing
  8. Let Us Go To The Rose
  9. All The World Makes Great Blood
  10. The Great, Bloody and Bruised Veil Of The World
  11. Into The Menstrual Night I Go
  12. Dormition And Dominion
  13. So: This Empire Is Nothing
  14. This Shining Shining World

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