Pixies were an alternative/indie band formed in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in 1986.


Studio albumsEdit

Come On Pilgrim
Surfer Rosa
Trompe Le Monde


Gigantic/River Euphrates
Here Comes Your Man
Monkey Gone To Heaven
Pix One
Dig For Fire
Planet Of Sound
Head On EP
Alec Eiffel
Singles Boxset
Coachella '04 EP

Live albumsEdit

Recorded Live At Voodoo '04, New Orleans, LA
Live In Calgary, AB - 04.19.04
Live At Brixton Academy 06.03.04
Live In Montreal, PQ - 11.26.04
Live In Chicago, IL - 11.16.04
Live In Toronto, ON - 11.24.04
Live In Chicago, IL - 11.15.04
Live In Amherst, MA - 11.30.04
Live In Detroit, MI - 11.20.04
Live In Detroit, MI - 11.18.04
Live In Saint Paul, MN - 11.10.04
Live In Toronto, ON - 11.25.04
Live In Chicago, IL 11.13.04
Live In Hull, PQ - 11.28.04
Live In Chicago, IL 11.14.04
Live In Chicago, IL - 11.17.04
Live In Detroit, MI - 11.22.04
Live In Detroit, MI - 11.18.04
Live In Saint Paul, MN - 11.10.04
Live In Chicago, IL - 11.17.04
The Twelve Final Shows - December 8, 2004: Washington, DC
31 August: London, England
26 May: Portland, Oregon
30 August: Manchester, England
31 May: San Jose, CA
09 June: Pittsburgh, PA
08 June: Cleveland, OH
30 May: San Francisco, CA
23 July: Chicago, IL
27 May: Portland, OR
05 August: Newport, RI
07 June: Indianapolis, IN
08 June: Cleveland, OH Special Performance
09-10 July: Toronto & Montreal
07 July: Milwaukee, WI
4 Track Audio Sampler, Acoustic: Live In Newport, Club Date, Live At The Paradise In Boston
25 August: Paris, France
Live At The Aragon, Chicago, IL 11/19/2009
Live At Paris, The Zenith, October 15th 2009
Doolittle 20th Anniversary Sampler

Compilation albumsEdit

Rare Pixies
Death To The Pixies
At The BBC
Complete 'B' Sides
Wave Of Mutilation - Best Of Pixies
Into The White BBC Tapes 1988-1989
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