Please Please Me

Please Please Me is the first studio album by The Beatles. It was a smash hit in Great Britain. It was released on March 22, 1963 on Parlophone Records.


  1. I Saw Her Standing There [tab]
  2. Misery [tab]
  3. Anna (Go to Him) [tab]
  4. Chains [tab]
  5. Boys [tab]
  6. Ask Me Why [tab]
  7. Please Please Me [tab]
  8. Love Me Do [tab]
  9. P.S. I Love You [tab]
  10. Baby It's You [tab]
  11. Do You Want to Know a Secret [tab]
  12. Taste of Honey [tab]
  13. There's a Place [tab]
  14. Twist and Shout [tab]

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