Larry Norman - Restless in Manhattan '72

Restless In Manhattan '72

Restless In Manhattan '72 is an album by Larry Norman. It was released in 2003 by Solid Rock Records.


  1. Intro
  2. UFO
  3. Speech
  4. Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music? (slow version)
  5. One Way
  6. Up In Canada (slow version)
  7. Blue Shoes White
  8. Speech 2
  9. Song For A Small Circle Of Friends
  10. I Don't Believe In Miracles (rock ballad version)
  11. Speech 3
  12. Pianissimo Ridiculoso
  13. You Knew What You Were Doing (Baby Out Of Wedlock)
  14. Center Of The Universe
  15. Diamonds
  16. Strong Love, Strange Peace
  17. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus?
  18. Righteous Rocker #1
  19. I Wish We'd All Been Ready
  20. Outro

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