Larry Norman - Rough Street Love Letter

Rough Street Love Letter

Rough Street Love Letter is a compilation album by Larry Norman. It was released by Solid Rock Records in 1999.


  1. The First Time I Went To Church (spoken)
  2. Peacepollutionrevolution
  3. Right Here In America
  4. I Wish We'd All Been Ready
  5. I Am The Six O'Clock News
  6. She's A Dancer (People!)
  7. I Don't Wanna Lose You
  8. The Price Of Living
  9. Sigrid Jane
  10. The Tune
  11. Why Can't You Be Good?
  12. Just Like A Woman (Bob Dylan cover)
  13. Deep Blue
  14. A Note From Mr. God
  15. Phydeaux At The Beach
  16. More Than A Dream
  17. If I Have To
  18. Letters To The Church
  19. If You Don't Love The Lord
  20. A Woman Not A Maid
  21. Love On Haight Street
  22. I Found Love
  23. Shine Your Light
  24. I Am Your Friend
  25. Danger In Loving You
  26. Iron And Steel
  27. Show Me The Shepherd
  28. Strong Love, Strange Peace
  29. Whenever Sarah Cries
  30. Where His Soul Touches Down
  31. Watch The Master Make It Right
  32. Come On In
  33. Mansion On The Sand (Tom Howard cover)
  34. Higher Calling
  35. Jesus Is The Song
  36. One More Reason (Tom Howard cover)
  37. Farther On

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