Silence Teaches You How to Sing

Silence Teaches You How to Sing is an EP by Norwegian experimental musical group Ulver. Recorded and mixed in February 2001, the EP was issued by Jester Records in September 2001, limited to 2000 copies. Loosely recorded during the sessions for the Perdition City, together with Silencing the Singing, the EP is a subtle counterpart to the more dramatic full-length, issued in March 2000.

The style is more experimental/atmospheric and less beat-oriented; rather mood pieces that revolve around the Perdition City theme. Due to the experimental nature of the music, both Silence EP’s were limited to two thousand, and three thousand copies. However, both Silence Teaches You How to Sing and Silencing the Singing EP’s were re-released as one disc, issued through American independent label Black Apple Records, under the title Teachings in Silence, in November 2002.


  1. Silence Teaches You How to Sing - 24:05

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