Larry Norman - Sticks And Stones

Sticks And Stones

Sticks And Stones is an album by Larry Norman. It was released in 2000 by Phydeaux Records.


Disc 1Edit

  1. Trinity
  2. Cornerstone Blues
  3. My Feet Are On The Rock
  4. More Than A Dream
  5. Raindrops
  6. Camel In A Needle's Eye
  7. I Feel Like Dying
  8. A Note From Mr. God
  9. Everybody Work
  10. Shake Your Rattle And Crawl
  11. Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn
  12. That's What Love Is For
  13. You Did It For Me
  14. Bark

Disc 2Edit

  1. Watch What You're Doing
  2. The Rock That Doesn't Roll
  3. Eternal Struggle
  4. Hard Luck, Bad News
  5. From
  6. Looking For The Footprints

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