The Album
is the fifth album recorded by Swedish pop group ABBA. Two of the songs that made it big from this album were "Take A Chance On Me" and "The Name Of The Game".


January 1977 - Filming of 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' promo clip.

January 28 - Tour of Europe with concerts in Oslo, Norway. The tour consists of 17 shows in Norway, Sweden, West Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Britian, concluding in London, England on February 14.

February 18 - Single release: Knowing Me, Knowing You/Happy Hawaii.

February 27 - When ABBA arrived in Sydney, Australia for a concert tour, and the shooting of their film ABBA - The Movie also begins.

March 3 - Tour of Australia begins with a concert in Sydney. The tour consists of 11 shows, concluding in Perth on March 12.

May 31 - First recording session for ABBA - The Album.

June - Shooting for additional scenes for ABBA - The Movie in Stockholm, Sweden.

September 25 - Filming of 'The Name Of The Game' promo clip.

October 17 - Single release: The Name Of The Game/I Wonder (Departure) [Live Version].

Mid-November - Recording sessions for ABBA - The Album conclude.

December 12 - LP release: ABBA - The Album'.'

December 14 - World premiere of ABBA - The Movie in Sydney, Australia, attended by ABBA's manager Stig Anderson. Swedish premiere, attended by all four ABBA members, follows on December 26.

January 10, 1978 - Filming of 'Take A Chance On Me' promo clip.

January - Single release: Take A Chance On Me/I'm a Marionette.

February 15 - Start of promotional trip to Great Britian and West Germany.


  1. "Eagle"
  2. "Take A Chance On Me"
  3. "One Man, One Woman"
  4. "The Name Of The Game"
  5. "Move On"
  6. "Hole In Your Soul"
  7. "Thank You For The Music"
  8. "I Wonder" (Departure)
  9. "I'm A Marionette

Bonus Tracks:Edit

10. "Al Andar" (Spanish Version of "Move On")

11. "Gracias Por La Musica" (Spanish Version of "Thanks You For The Music")

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