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The Nashville NPR Sessions

The Nashville NPR Sessions is a compilation album by Bill Mallonee. It was released in 2013.


  1. High & Lonesome (Nashville/NPR Session) [3:47]
  2. Where The Light Does Fall (Nashville/NPR Session) [4:16]
  3. Who Will You Love? (Nashville/NPR Session) [4:07]
  4. (You've Still Got) The Devil Left To Pay (Nashville/NPR Session) [2:50]
  5. You Give It All Your Heart (Nashville/NPR Session) [5:05]
  6. Hard Luck & Heart Attack (Nashville/NPR Session) [4:14]
  7. Kids On Drugs (Nashville/NPR Session) [6:27]
  8. (You've Still Got) The Devil Left To Pay/Tappin' Out The Signal (Vigilantes Of Love-'Live' in 'Lanta) [5:46]
  9. High & Lonesome (Dear Life demo/Mallonee & Bradley) [3:54]
  10. Where The Light Does Fall (Dear Life demo/Mallonee & Bradley) [4:18]
  11. Who Will You Love? (Dear Life demo/Mallonee & Bradley) [4:05]
  12. With Any Luck At All (Dear Life demo) [4:18]
  13. True Confessions (Dear Life demo) [3:41]

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