Touched is an album by Michael Sweet. It was released in 2007 by Infinity Music. It was dedicated to his wife, Kyle Rae Sweet.


  1. You Are So Beautiful (Written by Billy Preston, Dennis Wilson, and Bruce Fisher)
  2. Together As One (Written by Michael Sweet)
  3. She's Got A Way (Written by Billy Joel)
  4. All Of Me (Written by Michael Sweet)
  5. Without You (Written by William Peter Ham and Tom Evans)
  6. First Love (Written by Michael Sweet)
  7. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Written by Ewan McCal)
  8. Honestly (Written by Michael Sweet)
  9. The Rose (Written by Amanda McBroom)
  10. My Love, My Life, My Flame (Written by Michael Sweet)
  11. Color My World (Written by James Pankow)


  • Michael Sweet - Lead Vocals, Piano


  • Produced and Orchestrated by Michael Sweet
  • Mastered and Mixed by Kenny Lewis
  • Photography by Nigel Skeet

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