Underwater Sunlight
Underwater Sunlight-1-
is a studio album by Tangerine Dream, released in August 1986.


  1. Song Of The Whale Part 1 (8:20)
  2. Song Of The Whale Part 2 (10:53)
  3. Dolphin Dance (5:02)
  4. Ride On The Ray (5:32)
  5. Scuba Scuba (4:24)
  6. Underwater Twilight (5:52)


Dolphin DanceEdit

  1. Ride On The Ray[1]
  2. Dolphin Smile
  3. Song Of The Whale

History and backgroundEdit

This album marked the entry of Paul Haslinger into the band.

Shortly after Johannes Schmoelling had left the band, friends of Edgar Froese pointed out a keyboard player who was earning his daily bread in the Vienna jazz club scene: Paul Haslinger, who was only 23 when Edgar Froese invited him to join a studio session in Vienna along with Chris Franke. At first it didn't appear likely that Paul -- who was mainly a funk jazz pianist -- could replace Johannes. Tangerine Dream was a completely different musical concept for Paul and it meant a lot of hard work before he could musically orientate himself for the spring 1986 UK and USA tours. Paul was used to working hard and Edgar and Chris were patient, so that both tours were successfully completed, and Paul became a regular member for the next four years. The first album featuring Paul Haslinger was Underwater Sunlight, released in summer 1986.

As Haslinger recalls, "I came to Tangerine Dream's Berlin studio and there were all the instruments I'd ever dreamed of. You didn't see me for a year because I was always behind them, working out things. Since Underwater Sunlight was the first album I was involved in, it was also the most spontaneous one -- at least from my perspective. After completing the '86 UK tour, we went straight back into the studio and recorded it in little more than three months. It happened with ease and I think you can hear that in the music." For his part, Haslinger admirably conceded, "I don't think Tangerine Dream was changed by me. The mastermind and leader has always been Edgar."

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  1. Wrongly titled as "Dolphin Dance"
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