Youth Choir-Voices In Shadows

Voices In Shadows

Voices In Shadows is the first studio album by Christian alternative band Youth Choir. It was released in 1984 by Broken Records. This album pursues a more British New Wave style of music such as U2.

Credited on the album as drummer is Steve Hindalong although the whole album was recorded on a drum machine. He was in a band called the Lucky Stiffs at the time and didn't have much time for Youth Choir.


  1. "Someone's Calling" - [4:21]
  2. "Wounds Of A Young Heart" - [2:38]
  3. "Dreams" - [3:48]
  4. "Another Heart" - [3:32]
  5. "Why Are All The Children Crying?" - [4:31]
  6. "Another World" - [3:54]
  7. "Here In The Night" - [4:17]
  8. "Alright Tonight" - [2:54]
  9. "Anyone But You" - [3:34]
  10. "A Million Years" - [3:41]


  • Derald Daugherty - Guitars, Lead Vocals
  • Mike Sauerbrey - Bass
  • Steve Hindalong - Drums, Percussion


  • Produced and Engineered by Thom Roy

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