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Waterloo is the second album released by Swedish pop group ABBA. Waterloo was a big hit along with Ring Ring and Mamma Mia.
ABBA - Waterloo (Original Polar LP)



September 24, 1973 - First recording session for the Waterloo album.

February 9, 1974 - ABBA participates in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. They perform Waterloo in Swedish and win the selection.

February 20 - Recording session for the Waterloo album conclude.

March 4 - Single release: Waterloo (Swedish Version)/Honey, Honey (Swedish Version). Single release Waterloo (English Version) Watch Out. LP release: Waterloo. The singles and the album are credited to ABBA (Benny, Bjorn, Frida, and Agnetha).

March 15 - German vocals for 'Waterloo' are recorded.

April 6 - ABBA performs Waterloo at the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, England. They became the first Swedish act to win the contest.

April 8 - Arrival in London for promotional duties. Futher promotion in West Germany is followed by a return to Swedin on April 12.

April 17-19 - During a promotional trip to France, the vocals for the French version of 'Waterloo' are recorded.

April - Single release: Honey, Honey/King Kong Song. This single is the first record to be credited simply to ABBA , without the members' names.

May 8 - ''Ring Ring' is subjected to new overdubs and then remixed with two separate versions. The first is released as a UK single and the second as a track on the North American version of the Waterloo album.

May 13 - Start of a promotional trip to West Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, and Portugal.

CIRCA June - Filming of the promotion clips for 'Waterloo' and 'Ring Ring'.

Waterloo Tracklist:Edit

1. "Waterloo" - 2:45

2. "Sitting In The Palmtree"

3. "King Kong Song"

4. "Hasta Manana"

5. "My Mamma Said"

6. "Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)"

7. "Honey, Honey"

8. "Watch Out"

9. "What About Livingstone"

10. "Gonna Sing You My Love Song"

11. "Suzy-Hang-Around"

Bonus Tracks:Edit

12. "Ring Ring" (US Remix 1974)

13. "Waterloo" (Swedish Version)

14. "Honey, Honey" (Swedish Version)

15. "Waterloo" (German Version)

16. "Hasta Manana" (Spanish Version)

17. "Ring Ring" (1974 Remix, Single Version)

18. "Waterloo" (French Version)

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