George Harrison-Wonderwall Music

Wonderwall Music

Wonderwall Music
is the first album by former Beatle, George Harrison. It was an instrumental soundtrack album for the movie "Wonderwall" released on Apple Records in 1968.


1. "Microbes"
2. "Red Lady Too"
3. "Tabla And Pakavaj"
4. "In The Park"
5. "Drilling A Home"
6. "Guru Vandana"
7. "Greasy Legs"
8. "Ski-Ing" [tab]
9. "Gat Kirwani"
10. "Dream Scene"
11. "Party Seacombe"
12. "Love Scene"
13. "Crying"
14. "Cowboy Music"
15. "Fantasy Sequins"
16. "Glass Box"
17. "On The Bed"
18. "Wonderwall To Be Here"
19. "Singing Om"

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