Yonder Shines The Infant Light

Yonder Shines The Infant Light is a Christmas EP by Bill Mallonee. It has 5 bonus Christmas songs by Vigilantes Of Love. It was recorded in 2 days and released in 2005 by Fundamental Records.


  1. Knocking At Your Door [4:23]
  2. Holy Mother Mary [6:29]
  3. Dayspring [3:44]
  4. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus [3:42]
  5. 'Tween The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea [4:01]
  6. Nativity [2:15]
  7. Every Father Knows [6:30]
  8. On To Bethlehem ('Cross The Big Pond version) [5:10]
  9. Bethlehem [3:51]
  10. Angels, From The Realms Of Glory [2:51]
  11. Sing Angel Choirs [3:14]
  12. On To Bethlehem (My Year In Review version) [6:05]

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